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Faith Mappings, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) division of Mappings, LLC.

We created Faith Mappings Inc. to serve Christian ministers in transition, missionaries, and smaller, less-funded, Christian-based organizations.

They all need help and yet often find themselves in positions unable to afford leadership development services.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Faith Mappings, Inc. relies on generous contributions from individuals, foundations and businesses to provide scholarships, fund research, and promote new initiatives.

Faith Mappings serves:

Ministers in Transition sometimes find themselves discouraged, alone, confused, afraid, immobilized, angry and tired. We know. We’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve traveled this difficult stage of the journey with others. But we know it’s just that… a stage. It doesn’t have to be forever. Our best days can be ahead of us, not behind us!  We also understand how ministers in transition often experience their greatest need for our services when they are most financially tapped out. Through the generosity of caring donors, we are able to offer deeply discounted rates (sometimes free) to ministers who are seeking to successfully navigate difficult seasons of intensive change.
Like so many of us, Missionaries sometimes experience seasons of drift, doubt and discouragement.  And, they often encounter such difficulties without the strong support of family and friends.  Through the generosity of caring donors, we are able to offer deeply discounted rates to care for missionaries who are seeking to successfully navigate difficult seasons.
We understand how leaders of smaller ministries experience the same need for guidance and equipping as do leaders of larger, well-funded ministries. Through the compassionate generosity of caring donors to Faith Mappings, we are now able to offer discounted service to smaller ministry organizations.  We define Smaller Ministries as non-profit, Christian-based organizations with annual revenue less than $250,000.