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Above the Line Leadership©
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Above the Line Leadership© is a disciplined approach to decision-making that ensures mission advancement… for both individuals and organizations.

– Steve Logan, Founder of Mappings

Above the Line Dynamics

Ends (more than Means)

Believing (more than Doing)

Dreaming (more than Becoming)

Right Things (more than Things Right)

Function (more than Form)

Theory (more than Practice)

Planning (more than Executing)

Deciding (more than Acting)

Visionary (more than Tactical)

Clarity (more than Creativity)

Below the Line Leadership requires disciplined focus on…

Means (more than Ends)

Doing (more than Believing)

Becoming (more than Dreaming)

Things Right (more than Right Things)

Form (more than Function)

Practice (more than Theory)

Executing (more than Planning)

Acting (more than Deciding)

Tactical (more than Visionary)

Creativity (more than Clarity)

5 Essential Elements to Every Individual and Organization

4 Above the Line and 1 Below the Line

Above the Line elements

  • Connector.


    What are we ultimately seeking to accomplish?
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  • Connector.


    What is true about this purpose?
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  • Connector.


    What will we accept as evidence that we are accomplishing our purpose?
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  • Connector.


    How will we behave as we accomplish our purpose?
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Below the Line element

  • Connector.


    What will we provide to ourselves and to others to accomplish our purpose?
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The Relational Dynamic of these Elements.

The importance of leading Above the Line.

We suggest executive leaders spend the vast majority of their energy working “Above the Line”. Over the years, MAPPINGS has observed a strong correlation between leadership teams that give significant consideration to “Above the Line” essentials and organizations that bring consistent, positive, life-giving, missional impact.
Conversely, MAPPINGS has observed how leadership teams that give little consideration to “Above the Line” essentials tend to be the most frustrated (and the most frustrating), resulting in high turnover of staff and volunteers, never-ending conflict, mission drift, and minimal, positive impact.

For the sake of mission advancement:

Above the Line Leadership © encourages mission-minded individuals to sufficiently consider 4 (Above the Line) dynamics prior to making any (Below the line) decisions that will impact themselves or the organization they lead.

Above the Line

Above the Line

  • Mission Advancement
  • Life giving Leadership
  • Provisions rooted in Core Beliefs
  • Clearly Defined Outcomes
  • Motion with Movement
  • Redemptive Conflict
  • Mission Drift
  • Frustrated Team Members
  • Provisions Borrowed from Others
  • Limited Awareness of Outcomes
  • Motion without Movement
  • Destructive Conflict