Our Personality

Personality describes the behaviors our clients can expect from us.

– Steve Logan, Founder of Faith Mappings

Personality Matters

Our PERSONALITY is especially designed to encourage the greatest development for you and your organization.

Our PERSONALITY describes the behaviors we value and practice while helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

Our PERSONALITY flows out of our ultimate desire to bring glory to God.

The Behaviors we most Value:

  1. God’s Glory: We value giving God honor, praise and worship through our wholehearted love for Him.
  2. Humility: We value power that comes through us more than power which comes from us.
  3. Motivation: We value leadership through inspiring standards more than through inspired charisma.
  4. Gratitude: We value the expression of appreciation.
  5. Confidentiality: We value the trust of those we serve.
  6. Personal Growth: We value the positive, character transformation of ourselves and those we serve, as evidenced by the Fruit of the Spirit.
  7. Professional Growth: We value the positive, leadership transformation of ourselves and those we serve, as evidenced by greater mission accomplishment.
  8. Faithfulness: We value giving our best in all that we do.
  9. Decision Making: We value God’s wisdom and timing for every opportunity.
  10. Stewardship: We value wise use of time, energy and dollars.
  11. Contextualization: We value communication that appropriately fits those we serve.
  12. Conflict Transformation: We value growth through relational challenges.
  13. Transformational Leadership: We value using tasks to develop people (transformational) more than using people to develop tasks (transactional).
  14. Fresh Ideas: We value never-ending streams of (ego-detached) ideas.
  15. Relationships: We value long-term partnerships for greatest leadership and organizational influence.
  16. Encouragement: We value the intentional celebration of people and their development.
  17. Modeling: We value the behaviors and attitudes that we encourage others to practice.
  18. Mature Love: We value serving others more for their benefit than for our own.
  19. Responsibility: We value working relationships where everyone is willing to be accountable to their teammates for their own attitudes and actions.
  20. Feedback: We value input from a selected few to identify our blind spots.