Philosophy of Ministry

If we aren’t careful, we may too quickly assume that any phrase containing the words ‘philosophy of ministry’ has very little practical value.

At Faith Mappings, we’ve been known to say, “Nothing is more practical than good theory”. Why? Because theory informs and influences nearly every one of our decisions.

And great decisions help create great lives and organizations!

We believe in a healthy, well articulated, user-friendly philosophy of ministry.

We love to help leaders and their teams align decision making processes to their unique collection of perspective, priorities, principles and provisions – to achieve the greatest expression of their God-given purposes.

A strong philosophy of ministry will give you “eyes to see” like never before.

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Philosophy of Ministry
Key Ingredients

  • Purpose

    What is the ultimate purpose of my life / our organization?
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  • Perspective

    What beliefs and assumptions are driving my / our decisions?
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  • Priorities

    What will I / we accept as evidence of mission advancement?
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  • Personality

    What core principles will guide my / our behaviors?
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  • Provisions

    What needs to be provided for others and for ourselves?
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These ingredients may be common, but their unique relationship to one another is not so common. Faith Mappings will show you their significance.

What is your Philosophy of Ministry?

“This will become a question asked with increasing frequency and urgency in our era of rapid change. Leadership boards wrestle with their fundamental commitments. Societal changes, dissatisfaction with ineffective ministry, and a plethora of ministry models and “success seminars” have made philosophy and strategy of ministry a critical leadership function. This is foundationally important work!”

– Philip Sell, Christian Education Journal