Staff Development

“Let’s not forget that staff members are hired to advance the mission of your organization.”

– Steve Logan, Founder of Mappings

MIssion Advancement

See what it actually takes!

Leadership concerns we regularly
encounter with staff members

  1. Where do I need to grow so I can lead to the next level?
  2. How did excitement and passion get replaced with so much conflict and stress?
  3. I think I’ve lost sight of the mission. Would you help me regain perspective?
  4. I’m doing things that are not beneficial to my well-being.
  5. I’m exhausted. And I feel stuck.
  6. My family wants more of me, and I have nothing more to give.
  7. I avoid conflict like the plague. What does healthy conflict look like?
  8. If I had the money, I’d be gone tomorrow.
  9. I need an experienced, confidential partner to problem-solve with me?
  1. Lot’s of activity around here, but are we making a difference?
  2. We are doing some things right, but are we doing the right things?
  3. Nickels and Noses… isn’t there more we should be measuring?
  4. Mimicking successful organizations isn’t the answer for us.
  5. What’s it going to take to grow?
  6. Conflict is everywhere. What happened to Team?
    What makes a good staff meeting?
  7. Organizational doubt is increasing. What should we do?
  8. Whatever happened to our compelling vision?
  9. Some of our practices need an overhaul, but where do we begin?
  10. What would “health” look like for our organization?
  11. We need a plan to accomplish our purposes.